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End-to-end online tools for educators to simplify and automate the student journey.

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Engaging lead generation and lead nurture tools that automate communications and integrate lead capture.

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Interactive sticky mechanisms and learning environments to ensure prospects turn into students.

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About Us

About ED Online Tools

The original creators of the online FastApp™ for universities. ED Online Tools is the one-stop-shop for universities looking to simplify their end-to-end online student journeys from lead nurture, to sit, to graduation. From recruitment funnel automation and engaging sticky mechanisms, to virtual experiential classrooms and digital credentialing that proves competency in the workplace, ED Online Tools provides the right-sized education products to bridge your enterprise into the 21st century with technology that works for you.


About FabCom

With three decades of helping online educational recruitment across thousands of programs, ED Online Tools is a division of FabCom, a top integrated marketing and advertising agency in Scottsdale, AZ.

FabCom has pioneered more than one breakthrough in the convergence of technology and marketing communications related to education. In the early days of the Internet, the agency worked with the Sperling Group (University of Phoenix) to define what online education could be.

Then, FabCom helped a technology university create the messaging and pipelines to launch one of the first game development programs, which led to additional programs for VR, AR, and human-computer interaction degrees. The graduates of these programs are now filling up creative studios across the country to create products like HReality.

FabCom led the deployment of online banking systems, fully automated sales platforms, and custom-built sales force automation programs utilizing some of the first VOIP integrations in the country. Recently, the agency created the first ever Distributed Customer Experiences™ (DCE) technology to replace legacy CRM technology. This DCE technology incorporates customer secure blockchain technology to protect and democratize the collapse of CRM and ERP and secure the customer’s data.

Today, FabCom has over 30 years of experience developing and deploying innovative, integrated marketing services that change industries and influences the rise of represented brands and fall of competitive brands. From comprehensive strategic planning that includes the latest in business and marketing intelligence to video production to virtual and hybrid experiences.

About HReality Education

HReality Education is a virtual learning experience platform (LXP) built as a turnkey module to be instantly plugged into your LMS. The platform is a first-person mixed reality environment that introduces natural human behaviors and appearances into professional and educational VR environments and interactions to help foster true-to-life interactions, seamless knowledge transfer, and learning experiences that resonate. This mixed reality environment is created through the combination of AR, VR, lidar, 3D animation, spatial digital computing, and the professionalization of gamification.

About Blocksolid

Blocksolid is an alternative open source verification platform for instant online credentialing. Blocksolid enables higher-level security without third-party involvement and includes dynamic design to solve for multiple courses and competencies evolving into a certification or degree.

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