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End-to-end online tools for educators to simplify and automate the student journey.

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Engaging lead generation and lead nurture tools that automate communications and integrate lead capture.

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Interactive sticky mechanisms and learning environments to ensure prospects turn into students.

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Degree Configurator

The Degree Configurator is an interactive tool that depicts customizable degree programs students can configure based on their individual educational interests.

Now, you can engage prospective students from the start by enabling them to explore and custom configure their degree based on degree requirements, their individual interests, and desired workplace settings.

The Degree Configurator creates understanding, engagement, and conversion at the degree content level prompting exploration and discovery.


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Our program loves using the FastAPP! Since switching over, we haven’t lost a lead due to mismanagement of data. In fact, the FastAPP helped us automate the process and we actually get more applications completed because of the follow up prompts for incomplete applications.

- University Department Chair
Working in admissions, I can honestly say the Pathways Visualizer is such a useful tool! Many new students tell me the Visualizer is the reason they chose our University over others. Because they were able to see different educational paths leading to career outcomes, they could easily compare one program to another and play around with finding the perfect educational pathway for them. All before even talking to admissions staff and program directors!

- University Student Admissions Advisor
As a Program Director, I love the Degree Configurator! It enables the students in my program to not only tailor the degree to their interests before they’re enrolled, but also provides a better understanding of the degree components and how individual interests and proposed career outcomes play a role in creating a well-rounded individualized education.

- University Program Director
The customized online recruitment funnels have completely changed the way we do admissions. I’ve worked in admissions for over 10 years and at first, I was hesitant for the funnel implementation. I thought automating the communications would take away the human element of connecting with potential students. But boy was I wrong! Now, we’re just efficient and we get more leads, more applications, and more sits. The recruitment funnel automates the tedious tasks, while streamlining the flow of lead/applicant information, making contacting potential students way easier than before.

- University Student Admissions Advisor

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